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Some selected news:

  • On January 21 the publication When you point one finger, three are pointing back by Lana Mesic has been launched at Walgenbach Art & Books, Rotterdam. Jeremy Jansen: design and edit, The Eriskay Connection: publisher and I signed for supervision and final edit.
  • As Radical Reversibility I have co-curated with Taco Hidde Bakker Of Gaia and Ouranos, an exhibition by Roger Cremers and Doina Kraal at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam.

The exhibition works from a transhistorical approach to materiality, ideas, and media, questioning how the past, present, and future can illuminate each other. Borrowing historical techniques, investigative strategies, and exhibition formats, such as the peepshow box (or rarekiek), the diafanorama, and 17th-century tapestry weaving, the works consider the obsolescence of media and its effect on knowledge and storytelling. The work of Cremers and Kraal reanimates these lost objects and their ability to communicate the questions of material, imaginative and cosmic knowledge. Of Gaia and Ouranos displays immersive installations and sculptures as well as a ‘living archive’ of inspirational imagery.

For the latter I have contributed substantially from my own archives of book-based footage and the online collection of the Public Domain Review. Altogether a selection of 262 images that have served (the artists) as inspirational imagery, or that just resonates all that’s in the spirit of ‘cosmic modesty’ are beamed in the basement – next to showcases that display a fine selection of books and (other) paraphernalia.

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  • A Public Research Residency has taken place from August 8 till september 10 (2022), with Doina Kraal and Roger Cremers as (the first) residents, co-curated by Looiersgracht 60 and Radical Reversibility. There were public events on August 20 and 27 and September 3 and 10. For an impression: Check out
  • On September 4 2022, the book ‘Footprint’ by Gerco de Ruijter and Peter Delpeut was launched at Walgenbach Art & Books in Rotterdam. The book, consisting of two folded maps, has been designed by Hans Gremmen and published by FW:Books. I was involved on various levels of editing and producing. In April 2023 the book has been selected for The Best Verzorgde Boeken 2022. Read HERE for Peter Delpeut’s speech.
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